Business Planning

Business Planning: Financing the Start-Up Company and Venture Capital Financing
(3d ed. 2018 and 4th ed. 2022)

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Welcome to the supplemental teaching materials that accompany Business Planning: Financing the Start-Up Business and Venture Capital FinancingThis website provides faculty members with password-protected access to supplemental materials for the 3rd ed. (2018) (Maynard, Warren and Treviño) and 4th ed. (2022) (Maynard and Treviño) of the Business Planning book.  To obtain login credentials for the 3rd or 4th ed. of the book, please see below.  The materials for the 4th ed., which was published in Winter 2022, are in-progress and will be posted as they are updated.  We expect to finalize all supplemental teaching materials for the 4th edition during Summer 2022.  Please note we have retired the portion of this webpage previously dedicated to the second edition of the book.  Thank you for considering-or continuing your use of-the Business Planning book!

PROFESSORS: The teacher’s manual for Business Planning consists of sample syllabi, sample course calendar/schedule of assignments, detailed class notes, sample graded assignments and other supplemental course materials.  

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