Business Planning

Business Planning: Financing the Start-Up Company and Venture Capital Financing
(2d Ed. 2014 and 3d Ed. 2018)

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Welcome to the supplemental teaching materials that accompany Business Planning: Financing the Start-Up Business and Venture Capital FinancingSupplemental materials are available for the 2d ed. (2014) (Maynard and Warren) and 3d ed. (2018) (Maynard, Warren and Treviño).

PROFESSORS: The teacher’s manual for Business Planning consists of sample syllabi, detailed class notes, sample graded assignments and other supplemental course materials. We continue to provide access to materials tied to the 2d ed. in addition to the new 3d ed.

  • If you already have a username and password for the 2d ed. materials, you may continue using those credentials to access the 2d ed. materials (be sure to click on “Log in with a Non LLS/LMU account” when redirected to the Log In page).
  • To obtain credentials to access the password-protected teacher’s manual materials for the 2d ed. or 3d ed. (for first-time users of either edition), you need to request a username and password. Click the button below to request credentials – you will be prompted at that time to indicate if you are trying to access the 2d ed. or 3d ed. materials. Thank you!

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